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Ridney's first break came in 1997 from local friend James Zabiela. After listening to one of Ridney's early mix tapes, he was asked to play a regular slot at James' night in a local Southampton venue. Production followed in early 2000, with Ridney featuring as a co-writer in a number of production groups. Moving into solo production, he was invited to provide a producer guest mix for the Trophy Twins on their BBC Radio 1 show during October 2006. During 2007 & 2008, Ridney’s tracks were supported on Pete Tong's Fast Trax show, with Ridney appearing 5 times! In July 2008, Ridney scored his first "Essential New Tune" on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show. His collaboration with James Talk on the track "Sunshyne", was awarded "Track of the Year" by Carl Cox in the Top 100 edition of DJ Magazine (2008). James Talk and Ridney have since scored two further “Essential New Tune” awards on the Pete Tong BBC Radio 1 show. On 17th July 2009, their remake of the classic Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" achieved the prestigious crown, and on 5th March 2010”, their disco sampling workout "Forever" achieved the nod during a show broadcast live from Digital in Newcastle. Ridney relauched his solo production career in 2010, delivering a succession of hits including “At Night” for Defected, “Arrivals” for Steve Angello’s Size imprint plus his “Way Forward EP” for the recently re-launched Work label. He continued to DJ throughout 2010, with memorable sets at Wonderland, Hush & Ibiza Rocks in Ibiza. During 2011, Ridney has signed “Good Shout” to Spinnin, produced the incredible follow-up “One For Me” (with James Talk & Max C) for Azuli, dropped his three-way French production “Looking For You” (with Ghosts of Venice & The Phantom’s Revenge) to Hed Kandi as well as remixing tracks for Roy Davis Jr & MK on Defected!


Winter Chillout & Lounge Songs
Light in Color, Jess & Jess, Delfina Deines, Shivana Faction, Daki 2000, The Sura Quintet, Glady Gowans, Emma Luna, Shanell Souza, Rey Salinero, Will Fishman, Josif Imen Puerta, Monroe Days, Jasmine Lulu, Donner, Hornbostel, Silent Breeze, Chillo, Double Go, Claudia Hunt, So Phistry, Qbo, Wesley Colon, Miraflores, Christian Hornbostel, Sarah Chris, Vivian Holmes, Yan Gillis, Vernetta Ochoa, Club Camarillo, Rikki Rothermel, Noak Purushottama, Shantay Huntington, Karon Koury, Mario Pinosa Trio, Oscar Rogers, Diario, Solanos, Cane Garden Quartet, The Dream Catchers, Tad Hutchens, Louisa Lessley, Marth Manthe, Zons Of Zambesi, Roxano de Santiago, Parker Thornhill, Joette Ault, Tory Arndt, Mike Warren, Relaxraum, Tokyo Tower, Jack Spielberg, Luigi & Riccardo, Fischer & Miethig, Friction Machine, OST Flow, Myeric, Irena Love, Southern Fraiz, Macerio, Tryptamoon, Collins, Faltermeyer, Enrico Donner, DJ Riquo, The Third World Man, Ron Ractive, Mokin, Arrojas, Trillian, Da Flave, Aura, Danielle Senior, Nicolai Jan Hübner, Atho, Crueger, Salvore, Oscar Salguero, Dennis O'Neill, Dramatclown, Frank Senior, L. N. X., Michael E, Hiloyuki Kubota, Jano De Rhodos, Audi, Degreezero, That Noise, Bardalimov, DJ Gee Cee, Sonny Zamolo, Bikini Beats, DJ Octopuz, Agua Calientes, Tarena, Ambient Circus, Michelle Qureshi, Angelina Copa, Moob Rhythm, Loungeside, Psytrotune, F.D Project, Ridney, The Hypridizer, DJ Z, Nheap, Sashamato, TNT, Jacek Stam, Erippio, DJ Den, Cosmic Mantis, Gods Live, The Vault, Ingo Herrmann, Gomo Park, Zebra City, DJ Kayowa, Carbon Based United, Soul Sista Shakti, Nitric Acid, Adam Mainka, Cusco, B Bon, Auditory Canvas, About 9, Annawhity, Author's Intent, Caitlyn Hessell, Dream Rhythm, El9mm, Benjamin in Peru, David Kira, Everything Is, Mr. Squirrel, MASA, Dub Tek, CJ Masou, Comis, Sensistar, G Element, V I F, DJ Snail, The Meter, Poratz, Nik Thomas, Jolly Roger, Dj Fig, Slava Vedrus, Erinya Moon, Tlsfly, Anna Gemina, Florian Filsinger, Spektrum-Gebiet, Andrew Hoek, V Dimension, Overlap, J Sasz, Neg, Stanislaw Witta, Sylvermay, Marco Tentori, Counting Clouds, Perdix Pretioza, TMC, Fraction Muzik, Holocaus, Cristian Lange, Dusty, DJ Axel F., Flamen, Curtin & Manson, Alex Picciafuochi, Creative Response, Suntheca, Massivan, Adam Alonso, Louis Bailar, Degreezero, DJ Kayowa, Toby Benson, Re Bebabo, City Rain Am Fog, Marco Klose, Yoursck, Koon
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