Key Commands
 - Paul Parsons


Co-owner of Tall House and one half of Stuttering Munx along with Tim Davies AKA Tim Nice. Being an established artist since early 90's Paul's worked and is working with some of the most respected names in the business. Experiencing nearly every angle of the dance music industry imaginable from DJing, Producing, owning and running dance music shop, selling, pressing, distributing, marketing, living and breathing dance music for the past 25 years. In the late 90's you could catch Paul dropping tunes at some of the biggest gatherings in the world such as LOVE PARADE in Germany where over 1 million people attend yearly and DJ/frequenting same clubs as PAUL OAKENFOLD, FARLEY JACKMAST ER FUNK, CARL COX, JEREMY HEALY, BRANDON BLOCK, ROB ROAR, ALEX P, ALFREDO, SPENCER BROUGHTON and many many more....Paul has released tracks under a many different guises such as Scoff Boys, B.S.A. (Big Sound Association), Naked Ape, Pinhead and so on....! He soon became respected throughout Europe and the rest of the world for solid underground dance music. With signings from labels EMI, N.E.W.S, ST EADY BEAT, BONZ AI, EXPERIENCE GROOVES, SUB TERRANEAN, REACT, FEVERPITCH. The dance music industry has seen many changes over the past 20years, ever evolving and so is Paul. This is a House Music obsession and with Paul Parsons and Stuttering Munx taking centre stage, expect plenty and miss nothing!