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 - Massimo Santucci


Massimo Santucci discovered his passion for drums as a teenager; he played in many crossover and jazz-fusion bands up until the age of twenty. After a move from Italy (his birthplace) to Germany, in the early nineties, he was overcome by the huge techno scene there and started producing his first Techno-Trance and Acid tracks under the name of 'Analogue Dream' on several compilations. At the turn of the Millennium, after his own artist album 'Massimo Santucci – Al Dente' and his project 'Prototyp – Phantom' in cooperation with Linus Wessel (Trasis) he reached world wide recognition and had a big success with his live acts all over the world. After a creative break at the end of 2003 he came back in 2005 with a new style, new potential, new ideas and began to produce with Thimo U. Seidel's on several projects, e.g. Mashup Kids and Tribalism. In the meantime Massimo meet the sound freak Markus Zeidler aka DJ aMaZe. When it comes to sound they complement one another and so they started-up the project Maxrage & aMaZe, wherewith they released some productions on Beatfreak Records/Spain, Progrez/Banshee and Trust Your Tribe. Massimo Santucci's recent releases include Santucci feat. Plock 'Treu Ep', the acclaimed remix of Rachael Starr's track 'Crash' and the brand new remix for Timo Becker's new release 'Advantage Becker'. Lately he signed the new Massimo Santucci's singles 'Sweep Attack' and 'Best' (in cooperation with Si Paul / Lost Witness) on the Armada Label Group and the new Maxrage & aMaZe single 'The Big M' with the well-known UK Label Baroque Records. Sweep Attack reached position 13 at the Holland Dance Charts and position 20 at the Beatport Charts.


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