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Labels:Turning Wheel Rec Berlin Aufnahmen Inter Tech Rec Verboten Rec L8-Night Rec Beast Factory Stanch Recordsremixes:Alfonso Forte - WASTEDehix - THE NOETICDavid Temessi - SLAMRAID EP Microcheep Mollo, Gitech - EXT RACT ION Brush - HYPNOTIC TRAINManuel Diaz - ONE MORE JOINTMonica Dias - NYCMadutec - LIONDiscopraphy:Marco P - BREAKHOUSE (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - BREAKHOUSE (Hero In My Hood)Marco P – RUNNING RABBIT (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - OSCILLATOR (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - MINDSPACE (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - CLACK (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P – RUNNING RABBIT (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P – RED DWARF (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - NUMB (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - PAZEBO (L8-night Records)Marco P – PLAIN & SIMPLE (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - Mindspace Remixes (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P – RISING UP (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P - HAMSTERRAD incl NHB Rmix (Berlin Aufnahmen) Marco P - CONFUSED (Turning Wheel Rec)Marco P & Rom Corsik - OLD SCHOOL (Hutman Rec) Turning Wheel Rec Friends Vol 1 with "RED DWARF &PLAIN & Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Marco P Factory) Marco P Marco PSIMPLE"- SIRENS (Turning Wheel Rec)- MASCHINENMUSIK (Turning Wheel Rec)- TECHNOFUSED (Verboten Rec)- REFLECTIONS (Turning Wheel Rec)- ASTEROID (Turning Wheel Rec)- RASPUTIN (Turning Wheel Rec)- CRUSHING (Turning Wheel Rec)- PLAY (Turning Wheel Rec)- DRIFT (Turning Wheel Rec)- RUMPELSTILZ (Inter Tech Records)& Tom Tronic - STRATO (Turning Wheel Rec)& Alex Portarulo Dj - I FEELYOUR TOUCH (Beast- SEVEN MILES TO GO (Turning Wheel Rec) - KARANGA (Turning Wheel Rec)------------------------------------ ------------------------------------releases DJ SubSonic & other Projects / Remixes:Voice Noise Rec Waveform "I want you all" ILLUM2012-25 Agent Plant "Empire of pain" Mongo Monkey 03 Drops "Help me"WHR004 DJ SubSonic & DJ Indian "Challenge" WHR005 DJ SubSonic "Hell To Paradize" WHR006 DJ SubSonic "Time Traveller" WHR006 DJ SubSonic "Time Traveller" Remixes WHR007 Geilomatic's "Geilomat"WHR007 Geilomatic's "Geilomat" (Remixes)WHR010 DJ SubSonic "Devotion"WHR010 DJ SubSonic "Devotion"RemixesWHR012 DJ SubSonic "Higher Energy"WHR013 GEKKO meets DJ SubSonic "New Dimension" WHR014 DJ SubSonic meets Titus "Rising High" WHR015 DJ Dready-2 "Rock Da House" (12", Pic) WHR016 DJ SubSonic vs. DJ Sadock "You Are Ready" WHR017 KODA "Critical Level"WHR019 DJ Dready-2 "Time Warp" WHR020 Marcello Moreno "Wauze Style" WHR021 DJ SubSonic "Dancing" WHR022A DJ SubSonic "Little face" WHR022B DJ SubSonic "Big Face"WHR023 Fabio G. "Start"WHR024 DJ SubSonic meets Justin Becks "IntoxicationWHR026 DJ SubSonic "Higher Energy" Special MixesWHR027 DJ SubSonic "Prince Gorgeous"WHR029 DJ SubSonic "ACID"WHR031 DJ SubSonic meets DJ Sadock "This Sound"WHR032 DJ SubSonic meets Red Devils"We are underattack"WHR033 DJ SubSonic "I can see"WHR035 DJ SubSonic meets DJ Sadock "Back to the City" WHR035WHR036 Project SubTek "One Way"WHR037 DJ SubSonic "Encore"WHR038 DJ SubSonic "Dial up"WHR039 DJ SubSonic "No service"WHR041 DJ SubSonic "Industrial" WHR045 DJ Sadock "Scream" WHR038R DJ SubSonic "Dial up" Remix WHR049 Project SubTek "Warning" WHR050 DJ SubSonic "Maximum Resolution" Remix WHR041R DJ SubSonic "Industrial" RemixWHR053 DJ SubSonic "Science Fiction"WHR054 DJ SubSonic meets Rom Corsik "Panning Stick"