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 - John Lorv's


John Lorv's is the new clubbing scene rising star of nort hern Spain & Sout hern France where he get s t o play frequently at Le must (Perpignan) for example.Thanks to his family & friends'support, he had the opportunity to play with the hottests deejays such as: Sebastien Leger, Avrosse, Paolo Mojo, César Merveille, Andre Vicenzzo, Dick Ray, Javi Always, Danny Leblack, Paco Maroto, Caal Smile, Juanra Martinez, Agatha Pher and many more.In 2012 his remix for Ramon Castells is placed in the top 10 website "Trackitdown" and his song "Underground" is played by Umek at a festival in Alicante Spain ..John Lorv's has been working hard on new releases for the past few months and is now ready to rock.