Key Commands
 - Hannes Bruniic


he was born 1973 in ljubljana (slovenia) and lives in salzburg (austria) since 1976. music always has fascinated him, and already at a very early age his parents gave him an insight into pop music and disco. after school he worked all day long at several music- stores listening to the newest vinyls.his influences & inspiration include all manners of music from disco, italo-disco, house to modern day "heroes".he started djing in 1989 in different pubs in the city of salzburg. at first he only produced the mix tapes for the bars because he was too young to work there. due to the very nice fact that everyone loved his music he founded the private label “hava corporation” & “hawk productions”. by reaching the age of 18 he worked in the most renowned music-pubs & gave special gigs at the best clubs and discos in now his style has developed to a mix of vocal-, latin-, balkan- and techhousemusic with a lot of surprises.2005 he founded his own agency and brand – DJ CULTURE. the agency not only scouts top quality djs, acts and dancers but also organizes and executes diverse music events. he works together in different ways with djs like david guetta, arno cost, joe t. vannelli, joey negro, markus gardeweg, mischa daniels, stephano prada, the tunebrothers, jerry ropero, steve forest, nicola fasano, paul darey, jonathan ulysses and many more.since 2007 to 2012 he was the resident dj of the legendary CLUB HALF MOON which is salzburg’s first and renowned club making it s debut in 1972. t he half moon meanwhile is the "ultimative mythos" in the town of salzburg, besides, selling the first can of "red bull energy drink" worldwide in 1989.2009 he founded “dj culture records”. the aim of this new music label is to operate the next house generation and offer a plattform for young djs. by now he still works as producer and remixer, inspired by artists such as dj chus, dj pp or abel / highlights 2010 jolly rogers - sounds of pirates 2010 ljubljana univerzum tour 2011 tour, carl cox night (space, ibiza), pukka up tour, I love belazza (st. gallen, sui), kornhausfestival (bern, sui), streetparade (zurich, sui) 2012 the rhythm of house, pukka up tour, carl cox night (space ibiza), club nights (8seasons, munich, g)