Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, Constantinos Parisinos (Parisinos) moved to the UK in early 00’s. An obsessive collector of obscure melodic gems with an inherent attraction for repetitive sequences and slower, hypnotic rhythms; an enthusiast for the unconventional and a a passionate believer in the power of a truly diverse underground techno culture. Parisinos has also formed a formidable sonic partnership with Stavros Potamitis (Stevie R). With a focus on combining Greek folk music rebetiko, mesmerising vocals and middle eastern scales with slower rhythms, acid lines and powerful percussion sounds, their distinct sound captivates and hypnotises dance floors. Together, they also release more experimental music under their more enigmatic alias After Altamont. Stavros Potamitis and Constantinos Parisinos are also harnessing their vision of electronic music through their “rising star” underground label Inside Out Records. Parisinos has

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