German Agudo

Germán Agudo was born in Madrid on August 12, 1981, at the age of 14 and after completing music studies, begins to take an interest in that style that has always attracted him, techno, it is at that time that he decides to invest in his rst vinyls to start his career as a DJ combining it with his musical studies. He has played in Barcelona OFF Sonar, Family Club, Fabrik Madrid, Next Club Valencia, City Hall Barcelona, Paris 15 Málaga, Sala Groove, La Riviera, Gotham the club, Platform 7, Orbital Club, Kubik, Eden, Es Paradise, Tito's, Jimmy Jazz Gasteiz, Sake, Ekho Club, Chalet 511, Studio 76, Entity, Dubay, Area 42, Loca Fm, Unika Fm, etc In 2014 he began his studies as a music producer, he released his first

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