Spanish producer with 18 years of experience as a professional dj and 8 years as a music producer and DJ. The success of their performances, full of pace and power have led to act in several European countries like Belgium, Malta, Holland or Italy doing collaborations as Loca Fm or Vicious Radio, national and international radio such as Mk2, Argentina sharing cabin with large national and international artists such as Michel Cleis, Felix Kröcher, Isaac Indart, Mendo, Cesar of the river , Gonçalo, Dj Nano, Angel Sanchez, James, Karretero, Karim Haas among many others. He has produced for labels such as Technosforza (Germany), Carmarage Records (USA), Animas Music, Atopic Muzik Records, Dash Deep Records (Canada), Street Habitat (Mexico), Culture Beats, Fresh Form Records, Wanna Dance Music, Tatun, Dark Rebel, Spartak,

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