South African Native electronic music artist, Suffocate from Ivory Park – A township near Tembisa. This self-taught producer will take your breath away with the international essence of his new deep house track Come Again. A song inspired by a break-up and his immediate surroundings, paired with a taste of his musical influences like ARTBAT and Zhu, this melodic release is will flow through your body, and get you moving through a harmonious journey in the mind of this incredible artist. Suffocate’s international sound and style have received rave reviews by a wide range of Berlin and German-based A&R managers. Including Klas Lindblad from Blackhead Studio and Berlin-based A&R/label manager Phil Darimont. Klas Lindblad from Blackhead Studio - “I enjoyed very much working on the Suffocate material as it’s so fresh and

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