Kim Wayman

Kim Wayman is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalistand producer. This sultry New York City chanteuse beganher career as a solo artist in 2001. Since then, she hasbeen called one of the best artists to look out for in 2014.Influenced by Surrealism, primarily its early experimentationwith words, Kim's stark arrangements, lyrical turn of phrase,and raw, soulful delivery combine her love of organic, analogand orchestral sound with her affinity for electronica andpop—in the vein of Radiohead, Goldfrapp, and Björk amongother artists.After studying theater, music and fine art, Kim first came toattention as the lead singer of alternative rock duo LittleKitten Space Girl formed with Sean Evans in 2003.Kim is a featured artist and collaborator of Grammy Awardnominated T élépopmusik and co-wrote several songs fortheir next highly anticipated album. In 2010 T élépopmusikreleased the EP

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