Jordan Dee

Jordan Dee, born in Italy, is in the musical sector since 1983.His soulful house comes from the origins, leaving memories of a past made of unforgettable artists.Many big artists such as CeCe Rogers, Joe T Vannelli, Richard Earnshaw, Stefano Noferini, Brian Tappert, Louis Benedetti, Samuele Sartini, Wendy D.Lewis collaborated with him and enjoyed his sound.Born as drummer and singer, JD started a band and after some years his passion for dance house music begun, so he made his own way as a producer, opening a recording studio (Joysound) with other partners.Then he also formed 2 other groups: Daytansystem and White Soul Project (the 2nd one with Dj Ann Rick and Massimo Pelosi).Nowadays he is putting his effort into two new productions which you'll enjoy with interesting collaboration and hard groove

Latest Releases