Labels: Cafe De Anatolia, The Gardens Of Babylon, Trndmsk, Bayati, Kosa, Tibetania, Bingyol. DARNO is a dj & music producer. In addition to performing solo, he also performs as a duet with Sham.m.an and their duet is called Beard2Beard. At the moment he is actively developing in electronic music with his unique signature. Performed in: Akasha (ES), Ibiza Global Radio (ES), Borago (TN), No74 Kodas (LT), Nikki Beach Dubai (UAE), The Gardens of Babylon ADE (NL), BurningMan NL, After Super (Den Haag NL), Monograph, Bachata (GE), Dahlia Nights (SWE), The Other Side Club (NL), Yerevanforpeople (ARM), Margaret (GE), The Garde of Babylon fest. (NL), Burning Island (EE), Kamiwaza (FR), Mono Hall (Eleven GE), Flava (RU), Ethnoscope (RU), Fermata (Dialogue Room ARM), Cult (ARM), Lost Paradise (Toektomstmuziek NL), Namas’Cray Dunes (IN),Ostrov

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