Slow Nomaden

Slow Nomaden is the new side project of Tobias Kroschel, the head behind Sound Nomaden to express his passion for deeper sounds and inuences from around the globe. In his DJ Sets and productions he takes the listener on an electronic journey through sounds of different cultures and spheres. Already his rst EP „Jungle“ released on 3000Grad Records in late 2017 got huge support from within the global tastemaker scene. In 2018 Slow Nomaden released his next EP called „Gondwana“ on his own label Nu Boheme Recordings. Gondwana was received even better and has reached more than 450.000 plays on spotify to date and was playlisted by several international radio stations and DJ’s. His next EP’s called „Elephant Dream“ and „Vasudeva“ both entered the Beatport Top100 Releases in their Genre

Latest Releases