Rob Silas "DJ Si-Dog" Moved to Orlando from CT in 1993 after college, where he was quickly was introduced to the Florida EDM Rave scene. Rob moved to Florida to find a band as a Drummer by trade, but was quickly consumed into the Orlando EDM club scene and decided to start DJing and producing EDM in 1994. Signed to the Indie Label Phattraxx in 1997, He released tracks under that label until he made his own label DogEatDog Records that specialize in Breakbeat EDM production & event production as well. Dee-Jayed at Huge events over the years such as Zen 98’, and Usuaya in Gainesville & Jacksonville in the 90’s. He also performed at numerous night clubs around Florida. Simons, Firestone, and The Beacham until 2000 to name

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