Lake Turner

Andrew Halford aka Lake Turner is a London based musician. He’d previously made music in post-punk and indie groups Great Eskimo Hoax and Trophy Wife. Having been introduced to the Kompakt family by his sometime collaborator Yannis Philippakis of Foals. Lake Turner first appeared on "TOTAL 16". This was then followed by remixes for Foals, Weval, contributing to Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 and also released the "Prime Mover EP" on Algebra / Flash Of The Spirit. His debut full length "Videosphere" is the first time he’s fully articulated his own vision of electronic music. The lush ambient-disco-techno dreams of Videosphere were constructed and completed in his London studio and at his parents’ arable and sheep farm in Worcestershire, which might help explain the hazy, unhurried pastoralism of the album. “The vision I loosely had was to make an electronic record that had

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