Dive into the dynamic realm of electronic music with the groundbreaking collective, Keinemusik. Hailing from Berlin, this avant-garde German electronic music record label was founded in 2009 by visionaries Adam Port, &ME (André), Rampa (Gregor), Reznik, and artist Monja Gentschow, who crafts the visual identity. Keinemusik's non-traditional approach to music production is as unique as their name, cheekily translating to "no music" in German. This ethos challenges industry norms, creating a distinct blend of techno and deep house infused with influences from hip-hop, electronica, and afrobeat. Their eclectic style, a testament to creative freedom, sets them apart as trailblazers in the Passion Economy. Over the past decade, Keinemusik has unleashed more than 65 EPs and two albums on their label, showcasing their global impact with performances in over 60 countries. The trio—Rampa,

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