Eric Turco aka "Focus" has been a DJ and producer for over 2 decades, cutting his teeth on the fertile 1990’s rave scene in South Florida. Performing live, Djing, and releasing music, both solo and as part of the acts Solfusion, Salvatore & Focus, and Area 54. Eric has delivered his brand of mayhem to dancefloors across the United States since 1994 and has released music on labels like Dissident, Gigabeat, Dirt Lies & Audio, *69, Sheeva, PGE and Cloud 7. After a brief absence from the scene, Eric’s love for music could no longer be contained. His 2021 album "The Vortech EP" charted top 5 in Beatport's Top Progressive House releases. With support from some of the biggest DJs in the world, there is no sign of him slowing

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