Chuck Live

CHUCK LIVE collects performances alongside artists such as:Kanio, John Acquaviva, Paranormal Attack, Victor Ruiz, khainz, Fernando Tessis, Gabe, Mr Gil, Felipe Soares, Rod B., 220 Volts, Mandraks, Bruno Barudi, Kitty, Fabio Fusco, Vibe Tribe, Miles Dyson, Flutuance, Du Serena, Marcelo Vorr, Time in Motion, X-Noize, Protoculture, A.K.D. And Many Other....Began to seek influences on various junctions of musical genres including Techno, Minimal and Deep House... Starting in 2010, Chuck follows a line Minimal Techno heavy and extremely characteristic, striking timbres with many different melodies, always formed by a strong bass line.In other words, perfect for the track.

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