Nico Moreno

Nico Moreno is a French DJ and producer from Caen, recognized as one of the major players in the contemporary industrial techno rave scene. He began producing music at a young age, creating intense music characterized by fast, hard-hitting kicks. Nico Moreno quickly made himself known thanks to songs which all met with resounding success, leaving his mark on the techno scene. Titles such as "Purple Widow", "Insolent Rave", "Techno Crari", "Your Bad Company", "This is for my haters", among many others, have all enjoyed as dazzling success as each one. others, helping to consolidate its reputation as an essential producer. Many other compositions by Nico Moreno have captivated techno fans with innovative sounds and catchy rhythms. These tracks have become essential anthems in the world of electronic music, propelling

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