Lello Fusco

His history starts with a gift in 1991: 2 turntables! 360°music lover, never banal: his DJ sets are rich of past experiences. (funk ,soul, disco, house, classic house, tech) Currently he prefers to play a mixture of sounds: downtempo Electro-World / Global Beats / Ethno Techno & Deep Tribal / electrocumbia Since 2005 he also produces his music. LABELS: Shango records///Ohxala' records///Camel rider records///Global Hybrid records///Tropical twista records///Monada///Kosa' records//Lump records///Something different records///Aula records///Green Magic records Follow me here: www.facebook.com/pages/Lello-Fusc.../202985349720125 www.mixcloud.com/lellofuscodj

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