DrumMasterz Bourgeois: Pascal Reschke (born January 5, 1990) is a German DJ and music producer. It has its roots in North Rhine- Westphalia. (Witten) LIFE Pascal took an early interest in music and played instruments. Initially as a DJ on the weekend, later as a producer. On September 4th, 2014 he achieved his FIrst success with his single Flute Reloaded (2k14 Dance Edit) in the Beatport charts. Since then he has produced various styles of music such as Hands Up & EDM for the label (UR-Music). Since 2016 he has been producing remixes and releasing songs under the label RGMusic Records and Sea Air Media. Remixes & singles for danceclusive recordings, domega records and mental madness are now also produced. Via RGMusic Records, he has already made it several times to the so-called Technobase.fm

Latest Releases