Diego Mates

Dj Diego Mates is a Techno & Tech House Records Artist and Song Writer, who has worked with some of biggest hip hop names intheUSA.TheseincludetheofYoGotti,MarcusPleaurepCooper,Youngburg,aexapleaswellasEDMArtist,Pikeseven & Bassline Smith.
In that time he has headlined shows al on Jacksonville, Amnesia, Space, and never fails, Leave a big fresh beats , His mixtapes have often the charts such as recent track “ Sorry” a solo real that hit number 20 in the UK Sporify viral charts, picked up International radio support, he has wor whith International labels like Trumen Records and Multitraxmusic. As well as his Hip Hop productions, is evolving anda has recently opened a recording studio miami orida “ M7recording Studio” is a New Projects with a wide range of local Hip Hop art thruout Florida such as Trippie Redd, Lil

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