Bodo Felusch

The DJ, producer and sound-engineer Bodo Felusch is a music addict and vinyl junkie. He buys what he likes doesn't care about styles, "At the end it all merges into one". Bored with the sound of his drums, he got into electronic-music, at the age of 16. Based on his love for jazz, blues, soul and funk, he discovered the variety and potential of electronic music."Acoustically, electronically, manufactured or computer produced - doesn't matter! Composition is just a spark, the fire ignites through listening"...In 92 ́ he discovered the "Space-club" and "Warehouse- parties" in Cologne and began immediately to burn. 1993- He starts DJ-ing and made himself a name in the early "Cologne-scene" as "DJ Silver". A year later he moved on to the "Slam-club" in Bonn, where he got

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