Bobby Starrr

Try Music - a chiffre truly befitting Robert M. Stanley’s, a.k.a Bobby Starrr, playful curiosity when experimenting with sound. His DJ-sets are an energetic blend of emotional Acid House, melodic Deep House with Disco and contemporary tracks that he identifies as Future Classics. Bobby Starrr aims at evoking positive emotions and at creating an energetic and charged up atmosphere to keep the dancefloor pumping late into the morning tide - a mixing style he classifies as “Positivity”. Whilst appreciating the benefits of modern day innovation for his productions, Bobby Starrr, as an avid crate-digger and collector, remains a DJ who recognizes the warm and full acoustic spectrum of a vinyl and prefers two turntables and a mixer to using solely a laptop during his solo gigs.Born in Wolverhampton, UK, shortly

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