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John Matthew Patrick (born December 7, 1964), better known by his stage name King Hookiss (pronounced "Who-Kiss"), is an American Electronic Progressive-House producer and performer based in Northern California, near San Francisco. He has always been musically inclined. As a teenager he played guitar and sang in the local church choir. In 1980 his great grand father bought him a two voice Oberheim synthesizer. In high school and college he studied music, piano and music theory and was in a number of choir groups and bands, including new wave groups "Red Alert", "Next" and "Trouble With Colors". In the mid 1980's he was in a synth-pop band Jon Jon with the extremely talented singer John Fox. They recorded demos and played many live shows. Opening for many popular 80's acts like Chris Isaak and Taylor Dane. Late in 1988 John formed the Techno-Industrial Band VOICE OF DESTRUCTION. V.O.D. recorded 2 albums, toured and subsequently burned out in 1993. Patrick felt ground up by the Industr y and quit music entirely in 1994. During his hiatus from the Music Industry he had a very fat Dachshund dog named Nikki. Nikki was very, very fat and made a funny, "honking" type sound. John soon started calling him "Hookiss" in response to the sound. And as the fat dog got older he became the King, "King Hookiss" Now the internet was here and John started using the username "King Hookiss" for chats, emails etc. Well, the name just stuck... Fast forward to 2012- He grabbed a computer & got the bug again & in 2013 King Hookiss was born! The Hookiss sound is electric and full and you can't help but tap your feet to the electro-house influenced beats of KING HOOKISS!


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Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2015-01-16
Elegant Lounge
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Hooki-Sonic Recordings | 2014-12-16