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 - Matthew Gold


I was born in Borgomanero June 10, 1982, all 'age of 12 years, I became interested in music by listening to the vinyls of my father as "Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc" .... and with a couple of old turntables I enjoyed doing a sort of scratch trying to mix the songs .... My parents saw that I had this passion for music, they decided for my 14th birthday to give me a stereo with compact disc, and from there I started listening to dance music more as a "Double You, N-Trance, Prezioso, etc." .... Shortly after I put some money aside and I bought 2 new Technics turntables and together with my brother and my cousin when we organized parties in fact we were the Deejay's .... At some point I decided to buy a computer with software to compose music "Ejay", and from there I started to create some sort of dance music ..... At least 18 years, going to dance in various local clubs, I discovered some new genres such as Techno, House etc. .... listening more and more these genres and seeing that they were growing more and more songs, I decided to try to I compose these genres .... In 2010 I competed mostly in the "Tech-House and Minimal" inspired to "UMEK" "Stefano Noferini" "Gustavo Assis" etc .... The following year using the "Macro Records" release my first remix "Driston - Antebellum (Matthew Gold Remix)" and then I can work with other labels such as "Music LTX" "BDivision" "Digital Music Labels" "24 Bit "..... Currently I'm Deejay, Producer, Remixer & "A & R" of "ACT72 Records"


Tech House Tilt 2013
DJ Andreas B., Tony Kosa, Kelfern, Nikita Ukoloff, Tuxedo, DJ O Nill, Z-Synthesis, DJ Bagiak, Kirill Slider, Silvestre M., Arthur Hernan, DJ Lazar, Mib, DJ Roncio, Umut Akalin, Martin Meister, Sinisa, Martin Rivest, Massimo Russo, Vin Vega, Matthew Gold, Jenny Mayhem, Mamü, Palc One, Chris Hauer, Cedric Vian, Romain Pelletti, Joshua Cove, Unkind Groove, Toni Ver Sr, Laera, Holger Brauns, Mick Thammer, Acimani, Ghost Distribution, Meridian, Stefan Tretau, Johnnyx Guitar, Godee Bridge, R.e.v.o, Homme Studio, Alex Portarulo DJ, Houseclashers, Cony, Hifi Box, Oldskool, Maveric, Sonny Zamolo, Ramb, Ricardo Vasques, Wanz, Dj Victor Montero, Wesley Wan, Giuseppe Bottone, Miguel Lara, Carlos Chaparro, Morris, Teloc, Berdone, MIHOVIL, Crack And Crunch, Artful Dice, Yoann Barett, Fabrizio Costa, Loopa Jem, Los Cruzeiros, Djs Double Smile, Zoutman, Amaro, La Vitamina, Zoran Beslac, Goga G, Joseph Zohlo, The Hardshutter, Lucio Rode, Carlo Cavalli, Menny Fasano, Dompe, Matt Lewis, Pinche Rodgall, Alex Delgado, Antone Constantine, John Del Mauro, Omich, Mattei, Domenico, Dario C, Canosa, Juan Torres, Max Padoan, Jackie Cinch, Off Remixer, Dalba, Thiago Dariel, Florian Martin, AFM Groove, Marc Garcia, Flemy Ferrer, Uebermut, Marc Throw, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Hakan Ozkan, Martin 101, AFM Groove, Sam Grade, Midnight Society, Patrick Sole, Daniel Doppler, R.e.v.o, Balu Da Houseclasher, Enzio Velli, Mike Tike, Arachnophobia, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward, Kirill Bukka, Matthew Gold, Mario K
Bavaria Recordings | 2013-08-30