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 - De La Maso


De La Maso has become an integral part of the electronic scene and a regular feature of Southern Germany's club culture.It all began 14 years ago as a resident at Hades Club, where he indulged the audience in Ulm with the finest house music every Friday over the impressive period of seven years. People quickly became attentive to him and he was therefore able to make himself a name, which provided him with numerous performances in other clubs inside as well as outside ofUlm.Very soon he felt that not only house music will determine his repertoire, there were additional influences from techno, minimal electronic beats, deep and tribal-sensitive groovy house.With this energetic sound neatly packed into hot sets and combined with his ability to mix fast transitions according to chords, he always managed to draw the people on the dance floor under his spell.He filled famous clubs such as SuCasa - Ulm, Douala - Ravensburg, Dome - Lindau and Romy S. - Stuttgart with his wreaking, groovy sets in cooperation with acts like Chris Liebing, Ray Okpara, SIS, John Digweed, TOK TOK, Emerson,, Kaufmann & Ferdinand, Holgi Star, Andre Crom, Matthias Tanzmann, Pan Pot, Format B., Super Flu, Kaiserdisco and many more.Specials like performances in Salzburg and Kitzbuhel (Austria), Berlin, at festivals like the Love Parade and open-air festivals were also on the program.He is co-founder of the event organisers 'Freunde der Nacht' (friends of the night), who have successfully arranged several party series (Lust and Love, Electric infusion etc.) in Ulm and at Lake Constance over the past years.About three years ago De La Maso took it one step further and is ever since also producing, including in cooperation with his best friends and DJ partners Adolf Deepkind, Marco Zorano and Dexxis.Thereby they mostly design tracks with deep, bongo- sensitive and wreaking groovy sound mixes and were able to record releases at Microfon Berlin / Weplayminimal Frankfurt / Beatmind Madrid / Ground Factory Canada / SIAM Ulm / Play with Us Berlin / Delicious Recordings Madrid / 040 Records.De La Maso was able to learn a lot from his friend and mentor and benefits from his work with him. He is very grateful to for getting him into producing!