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 - Andre Salmon


For the human eyes -Andre Salmon born and raised in a city called Guayaquil in Ecuador (located in the half of the world), where he is one of the Icons of the new generation in the 'electronic music scene' and one of the most important and best producers in all the country.Andre started teaching music production to all his friends who wanted to be involved; with time that made him one of the most important influences in the 'underground scene' of Ecuador.His strongest inspiration is the future and his family.Actually, is working on the label (Maniacs), and some musical projects with the crew, as 'The Silicone Savages' and 'Seven Years Traveling Between Past & Future'.The main purpose is to share and spread their sounds, the isolated music around the multuverse. . . .Andre Salmon presents his new label called 'Anima Somnis' with Chris C. and Rogg, this record label has way too much to tell . . . .Owner / Founder : Maniacs (Record Label)Owner / Founder : Anima Somnis (Record Label)The Silicone Savages (Experimental Band)Seven Years Traveling Between Past & Future (Alternative Band)