Key Commands
 - Andre Salmon


In the future, far away from this galaxy, a planet called 'WAF - 47' will exist. In this dimension 'Andre Salmon' is meant to die in a battle of intergalactic sound waves taking place in the year 5724. In the battle, Andre will fight against a 'GG' (unevolved intergalactic person) who will destroy him taking away his sound. A friend from Andre, called 'Jet Jaguar' came from the future to prevent Andre's destruction, he showed him how to elaborate intergalactic sounds with the hands, Andre learned quickly and was able to get the best sound on the planet. Meanwhile, the GG traveled from the future to the Earth to prevent the evolution from Andre. But that will never happen.... Andre Salmon has evolved.... - For the human eyes - Andre Salmon born and raised in a city called Guayaquil in Ecuador (located in the half of the world), where he is one of the Icons of the new generation in the 'electronic music scene' and one of the most important and best producers in all the country. Andre started teaching music production to all his friends and people who wanted to be involved and that really wanted to learn, and with time that made him one of the most important influences in the 'underground scene' of Ecuador.. His strongest inspiration is the future, love, and his family.... and it will be forever.... Actually he is working with the crew on the label.... Maniacs!! The main purpose is to share and spread their sounds, the isolated music around the multuverse.... also he is working in some musical projects with the crew, as 'The Silicone Savages' and 'Seven Years Traveling Between Past & Future'. Owner / Founder : Maniacs (Record Label) The Silicone Savages (Experimental Band) Seven Years Traveling Between Past & Future (Alternative Band) Bookings / Promos: -