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 - Andre Salmon


For the human eyes : Born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador(Country located in the half of the world) where he is an Iconin the 'underground scene of electronic music' and the mostimportant influence for the new generation in this exoticplace. Andre Salmon, is the owner and founder of two exoticmusic labels next to his partners, Chris C. and Rogg; AnimaSomnis (Dub Techno with minimalistic textures and mentalmelodies that molds the human resonance and vibration ofthe universe) and Maniacs (A home for the isolated tunes,going from independent electronic music and deep house toindie rock and chillout music), both labels have too much totell. ___________________________________________About music : Andre Salmon went back to past to find hisroots, this research reading about evolution and ancienttones, this knowledge made a new shape on his music,transforming into light, darkness, sadness and unknownfeelings. He says 'All is about resonance'; Thats why isworking with 'sacred resonances', and frequencies lowerthan 20Hz, this low frequencies aren't made to listen, arevibrations that helps perceive hidden emotions. Actually, heis working on the labels (Maniacs and Anima Somnis), andmore musical projects with the team as 'The SiliconeSavages' and 'Seven Years Traveling Between Past &Future', and many more.