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 - Alessandro Spaiani


Alessandro began his career in 2008, passionately in the world of DJ and electronic music production. He has had many musical influences such as rock, metal, jazz, blues, electronic, up to a passion of Minimal Techno. In 2010, he signed his first contract for the first EP called 'I Licked A Frog' with Criminal Zone Records, a well know label in Rome. Over the years, Alessandro, leaves the minimal style to start with a more experimental genres such as Techno and Progressive. In 2012 came the first collaborations with international artists, until landing in Gate Null Recordings with the track 'Synth Assault'. Came the first gigs and the first radio broadcasts from around the world. In 2014, signing on Italo Business with 'In The Mirror EP' which leads him into the top 10 of Beatport supported by artists of international caliber, along with his most successful single 'Black Sun' released on Gate Null Recordings. From 2012 until now Alessandro has collaborated and collab with artists such as NHB, Dandi&Ugo, Andrea Frisina, Stevie Wilson, Matt Minimal, Irregular Synth, MCJ and many others.