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Giuseppe Bottone was born in 1988 in Sperone, a small town of Avellino. At the age of 9 years, for fun, begins to have an approach to music, using small digital computer software, but at the same time has another passion: the motocross bike, but decided to devote himself entirely to music so buy the first turntables and impare the first mixing techniques.In 2002 he met a group that offers house music in which he joined as a resident dj having a strong response from the public. Over the years, change musical genres, from House music moves on electronics in 2004, in 2006 on underground until reaching in 2009 the techno music. Maturing another passion, that the settlement so in the early months of 2011 goes out with his first album "Slow". Immediately after is 2 remixes for "Fanciful label" and enter the top 100 - # 36 ° of the world rankings, a few months later he was released "Last Revolution" with "Similar Rec" which is supported by artists from the likes of: Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer , Joseph Capriati, Pig & Dan, Luciano, Markus Schulz, Anderson Noise, Gabriel Le Mar, Steve Murrel, Mario piu and many more others. Meanwhile, his music is also released on labels like:Underscore,Capsula, slaap rec,berlin Aufnahmen,similar rec, Berlin - Bavaria, DSR Digital Bigtools recordings, with whom he comes in the world rankings.Today his music is heard all over the world in countries such as Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, etc., and finally his beloved Italy. Thanks for your support.


200 Dance & Electronic Music
Minimal Rockets, Marco P, Van Sohl, Felix Bernhardt, Daniel Levez, Nathalie, DJ WestBeat, Slavaki, Sera, Dani Le Cross, Ron Ractive, Leisegang, Radunz, DJ Zhukovsky, Jenna Summer, Gregor Weinberg, Giuseppe Bottone, Rml, Utroit Thrust, Sixteenth Pulse, Marja V, Birnbaum Bomml Buam, Max Cooper, Benny Knox, Modium, Joe Martinez, Der Minimalistiker, Alex Xhela, Andrea Giuliani, Luca Rosetti, Placa, Kunststoff, Tom Rooster, Dani San, Hiskia, Daf., Evil Jokes, Keah, DJ BL33P, ElecDrug, Minimal Lounge, Brett Knacksen, Milchbar, Tontherapie, Fristik, Jens Kurzweil, Max Well, Zwei Kanister, Audiosweep, Matt Minimal, Roger Burns, Michael Strauss, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, Maurice Goltz, Juergen A. Semmelmann, Joseph Disco, Alexander Sting, Chris Blum, Willy Lomis, Fritz Fridulin, Valt Libert, Falke & Vogelbein, Tom Almex, Stoneman, Sam Greycious, Ampetermin, Crytone, Smophor, Felipe Cobos, Freshbass, Carara, Kritzkom, Baldachi, Placido, Paella, Michi Muzik, Yujene Veniaminson, Lazy Eyes, Elexx, The Unfeiyrs, Alex Nöthlich, Emrah Celik, Copyright Control, Norrin Radd, System Zoid, Jurgen A. Semmelmann, Weisses Licht, Kopenkimik, DJ Scaldia, Mike Wall, Lebensform, Tweecq, Sauhser, AbnormalBoy, Mr. Niceguy, Typ, DJ Becha, Destroyer, Wes Rock, Mike Bosch, Amp-Err, Sergey Ulyanov, 2Clic, Andre Bayer, Terence Tobak, Tonia Rubia, Dinamood, Basscraft, Funkfeuer 54, Shaun Mauren, Audiokern, Fringe Kollective, Ezequiel Gerini, Tony Casanova, Isman Loeschner, Ijuz, Zemek, Maikel A, Roberto Procaccini, Monophon, Jesus Escobar, Tomas Com, Chris Dannenberg, T-Fain, Onassis, Opak, Robert Wm, Token, Weewtam, Antonio Lara, Anunnakie, DB, Mr. Lopez, Massimo Berti, Yago, Manuk, Simon Jaxx, Gordon Raddei, Con Candy, Jeff Davis, Oblivion, Florian Martin, Andrea Schillaci, Carlo Astuti, Mr. Snooze, Insense, Karl Simon, Travis, Scoop Van Eden, Jonathann Cast, Andrew Banner, Minusfreund, Pasquale Schwarzz, Tomas, Roman Wagas, Allyson, Pullsometro, Bifath, NoExcuse, Demons Are Black Holes, Dada Inc., Rob Renson, Nelixus, DJ Andreas B., Lex Bale, Evelio, Andrew Bright, The Ramaboy, Kryn, DJ Arvie, Decibel Artforce, Marcel Liberte, Kiffen, Georges Guelters, Wicked Phil, Electronative, Mr. Noize, Alkalino, Michael & Peter Kosiol, Skauch, J_Mantor, Mark Sunn, Blake, Rick Charles, Kike Bronchal, Indy Lopez, Brat Schneider, Pele, Cristian Lange, Santorini, Jesus Riano, Giovanni Damico, Assassin, Jill Bellac, Dirso, Harald Matthias, Vanesty, Michael Knop, Manson, Curtin, Timo Manson, Skinny, Olivier S, Antonio Olivieri, Magnetismus, MuzikTwinz, Lampenfieber Project, Thommy Fusion, Urban Madness, Loopo, Akustikrausch, Alkatraz, Angelo Dore, Breeze, Ron Ractive, Sanya Shelest, Leisegang, Radunz, Du Olivera, Marco Raineri, Feydh Rotan, Einsiedler, Suhltan, Mr. Wise, Simina Grigoriu, Matteo Poker, Arts & Leni, Sam Greycious, Richimed, Thorsten Hoffmann, Daniel Levez, Baba Italy, Manuel Turobin, Damolh33, Smalltown Collective, Strobetech, Salva Cotanda, David Sens, Saulo Paul, Andrea Schillaci, Timo Manson, Dexter Curtin, Dan Falla, Mario Ickert, Colin, Roxx, Genetix, Jesus Escobar, Indy Lopez
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