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 - Fabrice Torricella


Fabrice TORRICELLA who is one of the new french techno talents ,plays since 2006 with all the rising stars of the techno planet in France ,Spain & Germany. At every delivery , it's an explosion of rythms who catches the public. Since the beginning of 2010 , he's one of the most prolific producer of europe . He's also ,with his friend Noisebuilder (Heretik System ) the owner of QUBIQ records . He 's now working with great producers as SCAN X , C.DENZA , NOISEBUILDER , COMMUTER ,NICOLAS CUER , CORTECHS,... A sure value for all the Bookers. He can play minimal ,tech house ,progressive , but his real style is Techno . He won the electronic revelation 2009 award in catalunya and he was part of the rachdingue dj's team ( spain ) , the group of all the residents djs from this club based in vilajuiga ( costa brava - spain ) since 1968 and number 5 at the famous discotheques top .