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 - True Anomaly


There is no other way to describe this journey, than putting out the unnecesary details of my life, i can make now a long list of famous people i have played with, and states i have visited on tour, but this will be only pure gibberish, is not important, at least for the main history. I started on music at early 1998, it was a beautifull time to became a frequent flyer on a diferent place every weekend on the city, Mexico city to be more precise... a place like no other, a constant feel of change is always in the air, and the idea of that maybe everything can give a complete turn tomorrow feeded an electronic music scene that came rite straight out of private parties and underground techno gigs at rock venues, at that time it was when i first started to mix, after a year i bought my own equipment and started to practice a lot, i managed a way to get involved on the scene, playing in a lot of parties and mixing in a lot of clubs that where in the time experimenting with this new sounds and people. for me the real deal started on 2000, i went to a underground party at woods, they where not playing techno, house or trance as the last couple of parties, and there was a feeling in the air, kinda of what i feel when i first saw that LSD documental explaining that 60's was a psychedelic era of hippies and love gatherings, there was the hope of that maybe we could be living those times now, in a new Era that will be very significant for a lot of young people......after that experience i became aware of the power, the potential behind "this music", at all what is clear is that technology has pushed this idea each time, the posibilities are endeless, even if you are an authentic dinosaur and will by every chance be aginst this techonologic wave, as a musician you will be ending to acept the real need of this in order for your music to growth. i toke direction after became a Profesional Audio engineer in 2001, with my experience i started to get deeply involved in events organization all kind an genre, giving as result years of training on a live and daily basis, after some years of having my first project released i decided it was time for a expansion, i started to believe a lot in the idea of a project that can be any kind of sound and genre, without having to be rude or harcore, or soft and cheesy, just to have a project that could travel as simple as sound, in any direction and give the right balance between the genres i was interested the most, this is where True Anomaly was born. So my sound it is totally composed of whatever music has come to my mind since, there is a slight apreciation of almost any genre of electronic music, i never considered myself one of those "Detroit techno lovers" straight or one of those "Chicago house lovers" , indeed i have never met this places so it was dificult to me to buy the complete style and idea and feel familiar with their politics or believes and apply them on my own life, because for me there was no politics in music, theres no limits, no rules, there is a time and a place for every good and quality genre or subgenre, going from the Chill out waves created by one of my earliest projects Logarythm and the Break Beat structures created by True Anomaly my current project, to the hard and defined strong elements bringed by Ghost Army a project i developed on a most closer look to a night party at forest, i have ensembled tracks containing glitches and influences of Downtempo, Progressive house, Epic house, Tech house,Techno, break Beat, Hip hop, Rock, and all kinds of Trance, Tech Trance and Psychedelic trance, always adding a touch that will make you get interested on what the trip on each track beholds. So aparently the formula worked in some points giving me the chance of exposing this, my projects, to the people and play in almost every state in mexico, and get relesed in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Frrance, England, USA, Israel, India and the list goes on..... After releasing my first album on A Germany Major Label Soultribe and more than 30 EP`s in diferent labels i now encounter myself in a great time to produce, mix and develop my music. Living on the beach, not any beach, a beach like no other, Playa del Carmen, wich happens to be also a place of changue and nowdays one of the most important places in the world to party. My studio is now based on Ableton and Cubase, totally working now on my Tech house/Progressive techno project (True Anomaly) and my Chill out and Dub project (Logarythm), having gigs at some important venues and sharing the residence of a beach club with my collegues on Central Dogma Records wich is my own label created in 2005 and standing for the idea of a chance to everyone, ina ascene that is purely pushed to any boundaries by the guts of underground, the idea of that everyone can have a chance... so after all i am one of those, an also high-powered mutant, rolling free, waiting for the next gig, for the next chance to give back a little that i have taken...Freak Power! if you like to get more information about me please visit: