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Slovakia born producer Bollo first fell in love with electronic music during his teen age around mid nineties. Starting to experiment with the early software for producing music, Bollo begins to acquire musical experience. Soon, he comences his live act career performing in some of Slovakia & Czech Republics renouned clubs & events, attracting the attention of local promoters and fans. In 2005 Bollo moves to Ireland where he continues spinning with turnables, this combined with his production skills earns him a release of his track „The Beginning of Days“ on „Summer Breeze“ compilation in Russia. After Bollo’s return back to Slovakia in 2008, he kick starts a new phase in his producer career. He is asked to remix names such as Jay West or Jake Childs and cooperates with artists such as Jay Tripwire, Harold Heath, Evren Ulusoy, Soul Minority, Lucas Keizer, Le Vinyl, Qmuse, Roman Rai, Franco de Mulero, Soul de Marin, Mj White to name a few. His tracks are released on Greenhouse Recordings, Blockhead, Pin-Up, Elemental, A Must Have, Liquid Grooves, Purple Edge, Open Bar Music, Gam Recordings, Kings Of Groove and many others. Currently back residing in Slovakia, Bollo maintains applying his skills day after day in his ever-groovy production and manages his own record label „Soluble Recordings“ which continues building a great reputation on underground house music scene.