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At the moment, Matan Caspi is definitely one of the rising stars under the spotlight. He has been constantly developing his music productions and his work has been internationally exposed and played by many artists and top DJís around the world. There is no wonder that Matan is one of the most productive artist at the moment. 2010 can be easily described as his breakthrough year after the success of his recent releases in some of the world's leading record labels such as: Little Mountain (with a appearance on ìThis Is Sander Kleinenberg 2 î compilation), Pacha, Global Underground (being featured on the ìNubreedî CD by Sultan), Baroque, Spinniní Records (with few original EP's and a remix to Alex Kenji, Starkillers & Nadia Ali), Harem, Enormous Tunes, Armada, Unreleased Digital, Ultra, Audio Damage, Nervous, Fatali Music, Haiti Groove,Afterglow and many more. This year, Matan comes back with massive upcoming releases and refreshing tunes that will not let you stay detached. His productions and mixes combine a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from groovy progressive house to the tech house & techno, from the deep house through to the international edge of the electronic music pool. Nowadays Matan Caspi is busy on touring and concentrating on his future productions, where there you will find original and raw material that will knock your socks off! There you will find Collaborations/Remixes with: Andrea Bertolini, Angelo Ferreri, Riktam & Bansi, Ronen Dahan, Irad Brant, Weekend Heroes, Magitman and many more. Matan's releases were mentioned in many playlists and top dj charts. Many of those easly hit the top 100 chart on the digital stores and his mixes were played on many famous radio stations worldwide. Many of his tracks were licensed to top notch CD compilations among and by artists such as: Tiesto, Robbie Riviera, Eric Prydz, Sander Van Doorn, Jerome Isma Ae, Andy Moor, Eelke Kleijn, Sander Kleinenberg, ATB, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Dirty Vegas, Joris Voorn, Paul Kalkbrenner, Daniel Portman, Butch and more. As well Matan is an official PACHA RECORDINGS artist with more the 30 releases in 2010! This year seems to become even more successful and with it's current shots on Spinnin' / Spinnin' Deep /Doorn Records/Afterglow/ Unreleased Digital, nothing can go wrong. His track "Choose A Name"- a massive collaboration with Starkillers which hit the No. 23 in top 100 on beatport and was played by Tiesto on his Club Life Radio Show and released remix to Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji & Starkiller to their track "Pressure" which was also released on Spinnin' Records had defiantly put Matan on map, Not to mention a mega collaboration with the sensational superstars group MORANDI for an official remixes to their tracks "Angles" & "Colors" which will be signed to one of the largest labels on the planet "Universal Musicî! And that's not all... at the end of April a massive compilation "Exploring Israel" which is compiled and mixed by Matan Caspi & Eddy Good was released on baroque records, make no mistake this is the finest selection of electronic dance music at this present moment with the best upfront artists from Israel! So watch for this talented producer as you are going to meet him soon on some of most popular dance floors around the world. LINKS:


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