Christian Valeriano AKA THR,began his adventure in electronic music in 2005, approaching the House music. Over time he experimented with new sounds and other musical genres, landing in Techno in 2012.What distinguishes and is appreciated in his Sets are the intense Dark sounds. Sharp, deep and enveloping basses recall engaging psychedelic sounds. In the 2013 season opens the set of the international artist Oscar Mulero, in a club in the south of the Pontine.In the summer of the same year he played at the o cial After Party of the "Party OverLake" after SPEEDY J.In 2015 he opens the set to the international artist of Fatima Hajji in a club in the south of the Pontine.In 2016 he moved a Rome to deepen studies and new technical experiments. 2017 is con rmed as