Sonia Calico

Born and raised in Taipei, the core member of Taiwanese band "Go Chic" and one half of DJ duo Bounce Girlz (BxxG), Sonia has been playing various events around the world. She also organized underground parties, invited international acts to Taipei, under the name "Bounce Girlz"& "UnderU".She Co-founded Go Chic in 2007, the band have gone on several international tours, visiting countries such as Europe, the USA and Canada, also played several big festivals such as Summer Sonic, Fuji Rock, SXSW and Modern Sky. They’ve released 2 studio albums since their debut, the 2nd album was produced by Canadian electronic singer “Peaches” and won The Golden Indie Award for “The Best Electronic Music Album” of 2014. After Go Chic announced their hiatus on public performance, Sonia became devoted to her

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