SILVER DJ/Producer award by Keeng Young Awards 2018 Coming to the music from a very young age and currently being a piano teacher, SILVER began to enter the EDM as an electronic music producer from 2014. In 2017, he appeared in the top 50 Vinaphone Spin Award. Silver participated in shows such as Red EDM Halloween 2017 by Connected Agency, Freak Show 2018 by Lamar, Lighting the darkness - Ball bar, Vinaphone Spin Award in 2017, Hanoi Trance night, United Destination by Vietnam Trance Lover , TRANCEnergy, EWPT, etc. In 2018, Silver launched a series of products as original and remix : SHArmin, Lỗi tại mưa, Bùa yêu ... His music sets and songs has extremely strong impression in the community of people who love trance in Vietnam. He wants to bring typical Vietnamese's sounds

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