Rob Mitshi

Robin Michielssen, producing under the artist name Rob Mitshi and Achiel, was born and raised in Wuustwezel, Belgium, home of the legendary Club X and The-Site. Since 2017 he left Belgium for love and is now living in Serbia, Novi Sad/Sremski Karlovci. Novi Sad was voted the cultural capital of Europe in 2022. The art scene is very broad and bubbling with loads of super creative people, the perfect place for Rob Mitshi to develop his career. Also a live performer and DJ, he grew up listening to early gabba followed by hardstyle and trance until eventually finding the unique techno sound that he has made his own. Rob Mitshi is a multi-genre producer and isn't afraid to take on different styles and put his own ideas into them. His go-to DAW is Ableton Live although of course is

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