Kirian Castaño Araque, known as KYAR, born in 1994 in Manresa, (Barcelona) began his career in 2013 motivated by his restlessness and passion for techno, electronic sounds and the DJ scene that he has always liked so much. Over time he has shown his attitude in front of the booth of various clubs, pubs and parties, His charisma marked by his deep and forceful mixes with elegant and dark sounds are what has led him to share booth and parties with many other artists such as Svetec, O.B.I, Acor, Paula Cazenave, Joanna Coelho, Dualitik, Nuria Ghia, Victor Fernandez, Cristian Varela, Jus Deelax, Javi Always, Candy Cox, Pet Duo, Agatha Pher, Pablo Luque, Dave It, Paco Maroto, Andre Vicenzzo, Shitake, Lexlay, Vidaloca, Raul Mezcolanza, D-Unity.... He spent 3 years performing at

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