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Born in 1982 in Russia, Novosibirsk (Siberia). A big city of 2million Inhabitants. Many people ask me if by chance I wasliving in a GLU with polar bears .. No! And a city like anymodern metropolis with streets even 8 lanes, MC Donald'sand many more beautiful women in the world! I lived inRussia until the age of 14 years. Every morning I took a busto go to school in -30 degrees below zero. In Italy I'mgraduated in Electrical Engineering and Automation. In allthis time the music Became a passion bigger and engaging.T he figures of the DJ Already fascinated me as a child, butT hat was not my first musical experience. In 1999 I Beganstudying the guitar (at home). I had rock, pop, blues bandsof all types. But then I

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