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 - Tom Laws


Tom Laws has saturated himself with music from an early age. Making his advent into the music industry as a drummer in fledgling bands, that was later to give him the tools to progress into electronic music, Tom has an unparalleled drive that is sure to propel him into the premier ranks of the Techno prime.After a decade or so of guest appearances on U.K's Radio 1 road shows and residencies playing alongside some of the true greats, He began promoting events across the globe in order to attach his own signature to the music seen . His detailed and focussed approach has enabled Tom to develop into a fine producer and performer, with an insatiable thirst for accuracy along with a dark primeval sound – designed only to thrust you towards the dawn without relent.Tom Laws has gained global acclaim with plays and support from such acts as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Secret Cinema, Alan Fitzpatrick, Paul Rich, Joseph Capriati, Slam, and Marco Bailey, the list goes on. However Tom is far from being done, he is on a headlong journey to show the people his sound, and is truly one of the worlds new breeds of Techno heavy weights. Currently, Tom is prolific in the studio, kicking out numerous releases and remixes in his busy schedule of performing and travelling the world, all the while becoming inspired by other likeminded individuals. Tom has now transcended into a formidable producer along with the skills and panache of a top live DJ/performer, all the while maintaining a humbling nonchalant attitude and religiously enjoying the ride and the company of good people along the way.