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Djing since 1995, St Jean worked on underground dancefloors from Thailand to Miami ... After some experiences as DJ resident in clubs in france and Morrocco , he started to collaborate with artists from different genres (singer saxo .... ) ; This is how St Jean came to production.He got his first release in 2007 ("Electrofusion" The Family Records) and as the hardworkers he released tons of EP, Singles and Remixes for different labels (Avioground rec /TechHead / Nightrain music / Sa trincha / Baccara / homes arts music . ...Things got bigger in 2009 with the creation of Stereofly Records, his own Music Label where he can use his huge experience to publish and collaborate with talented producers. Working in all directions, he came in april 2010 to give a help to a fresh new label : Daiyume Music. His "St Jean ft. Captain Power - A la Wanegaine EP" was the 1st big Daiyume release, licensed on several compilation worldwide, this EP was a good success. And from the collaboration between the two labels, the "Tech House : Confrontations" compilation was born : Published by Stereofly with artists from both teams... St Jean can't stop producing , several EPs have been released since 2007 ...FACTSPlayed live with high level artists singer such as Barbara Tucker (USA) , Wendell Morisson and Mariane Rolle (USA) Organise (France) , Oum (Morocco) , Peter Thomas (USA), In the mix with all this differents Style .....: Freddy Fresh (Hip hop grime house) Hyper frequency (Psy trance) Jack de Marseille (techno house) , Acid Prophecy (psy trance) , Aquasky (breakbeat) , , Crystal distortion (hard teck break ),DJ Freddy (house) , IXI In da mix (techno), Baron (DnB) , , Freakuliser (psy trance) .....


Deep House 2014
Thommy Fusion, Eulises Gonzales, Bulcinim, Alex Martinez, Julian Sanza, Rene Kurpat, J Sasz, Akis Ziak, Enzo Caprioli, Andrea Bigi, Marius Laurentui, Adam Schock, Sofa Tunes, Michael J Collins, Matthew K, T.orlando, Cristian Lange, Handicapped Soundsystem, Nvelope, Deep At Night, Digital Peoples, Frankman, Marcel Braun, Thrill Rules, Axwell Kae, Jay Eff, Massimo Voci, Olaf Over DJ, Faktor-X, Mora Matteo, Audio-Al, Li-Polymer, Juan An Dbel Tran, Jeff Brinks, DJ Puk, Holographic Dissolve, Symphocat, Polina & Zemtsov, Pedro Da Costa, Denny The Punk, Daemon Sick, St Jean, Matico, Paul Bardsley, Fred Del Mar, Full Blaster, Monsters At Work, Audiowerk, DJ Sketch, Jamme Stocker, Henry Gilles, Dario Nunez, David Vio, Max Gazeta, Marius Hörsturz, The Fakies, Swane, Yakoozai, Cassini Division, The Sun Warrios, Ange, Fine Touch, Yanter, Superball, Cedric Vian, Joss H, Stephan Evans, Ethan Wood, The Henchmen, Moonwaker, Teddy Richards, Wander Sa, Kenzoo, Robbie Pallasch, Baasociaal, Disque, Sivler Screen, Martin Heyder, Steven Moeller, Jenny Mayhem, Mamü, David K, Marie Chain, Allen Alexis, Superlover, Niko Schwind, Mike Wall, Juergen Vonbank, DJ Riquo, 2W Tools, Najwars, Behrouz, Andy Chatterley, Hadrien, Moomoo, Kevin Lead, Pele, Tjard, Marc Van Linden, Amanda Wilson, Özkan Önder, Sorcha Richardson, Khris Rios, Phil Fuldner, Desmond, Holger Brauns, Der Mo, Gerald Peklar, Zweiklang, Dj Latinmix, Autarc, Roman König, Corsario, Seri, Alex Scar, Kim Kayden, Cosmo Notes, Aren Suarez, G.Odys, Michael Ballus, Festina Lente, Tobias Köppel, Plusculaar, Deep Unit, Don Uli, Varen, Martin Ferro, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, E-Klash, Callendula, Mario Hammer, Lopez, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Joseph Disco, Newton B, Carnatt B, Just Voya, Lori J. Ward, Antoine Montana, Steinmüller, Grigory Melikhov, MrCenzo, Doozy, BK Duke, Cedric Vian, Joss H, Agent Greg, Row Sunshine, Schmalspur Ton, Stefan Jurrack, Sofa Tunes, Sonik, Timo Maas, TSA, Anthony Ross, David Puentez, David K, Lexer, Nils Nuernberg, Mick Thammer, Javier Varez, Elia Zoeller, Fab Stellar, Stefano Libelle, Der Pender, Der Pender Remix, Tomika, Henry L, DJ Jordan, Thomas Lizzara
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