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 - Carmelo Carone


The fascinating Carmelo Carone is a precious artist of Electronic Music Scene.He was born and he lives in the Milan east suburbs... and he is a DJ since the beginning nineties, he played in the best eurpean/worldwide clubs and parties such as Number Inn (After Party of Number One, the Best Italian Techno Club of 90's), Illiria, Ka Franca, Fluid, Black Out, Privilege, Goliath VS Evolution (CH), Extra Disco (ES), Las Qvevas (ES) Faboulus Party (UK), Divina Club, Tuareg, Nausicaa, Le Club (FR) and many others. Carmelo has grown with & into the varied kinds of music, in fact since he was child, he was literal meaning seized, mentally and physically, with emotion conveyed to he by musical piece | later on this, Carmelo was charmed by the uncle that he was a DJ from more than 20 years and DJ reference in the New Wave Electronic Scene of the 80s Years and that he was working in several Italian Clubs more famous than those years, about the end of state school he has been ravished by Techno Music and in general by Electronic/Clubbing Music Culture.He perceived the infinity expression possibility that the genre offered, specially in those years of continuous ascent. following the birth and the evolution of many labels and producers.His Teacher of Music Studio Productions was the legendary Roland Brant, who learned to Carmelo the mainly secrets to make music, the Carmelo Carone's sound reflects the new electronic trend concept>always fresh wind of innovativesounds !..He is joined into exclusive projects with official mixes, remixes and reworks for evergreen world stars and electonic music talents like Francesco Farfa, Banco De Gaia, Orlando Voorn, David McWilliams, Davidson Ospina & Oscar P, Jamie Lee Wilson, Cristian Paduraru, Ray Isaac, Hologram Hookers, D'mia Michaels, Peter Martijn Wijnia, Raviv and many others.He wants to bring different ways of developing its only style of electronic music..and exclusivly.. with the goal to give deeper emotions, you can to listen his music by the most important worldwide music stores and distributors as Beatport, iTunes,, TraxSource, Whatpeopleplay,, Believe Digital, Daredo, Kontor.After several collaborations expecially by 90's with production staff joined into important labels as UMM, Desaster, Noise From West, Sativa. He founded his label Avioground Records in 2007, intending to release music with a high emotional impact to all around the planet, with great success & supports from artists, labels, radios and magazines around the world. Artists on the roster includes many important tastemakers of different targets of Electronic Global Music.Actually he is included into exclusive several labels artistic roster as Baseware Presents (the official Beatport label), Avioground Records, System Recordings, Open Bar Music, Azucar Distribution, Footloversmusic, Emotive Sounds, Jean Records, Red Robot Records, Stereofly Records, Opensource Records, Boxa Records of Low Pressing Group, Muz-Flame, Supermarket Records & Unlimited, Venus Records, Worldwide Exclusive Records, MyRay Records, Gurl Tok Recordings, Crush Works Recordings, Carone Records, DeepWit Recordings, Balkan Connection, Futurec Records, Violeta Records, Del Amor Global.