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UK:DJ Dextro was born in Portugal and is based in Lisbon. He learned the art of DJ'ing in the early 90's and has a different perspective on music. His residencies in several clubs forged his name and helped him create his own distinctive brand of music.In 1998, he won the second prize in the first Dance Club Magazine DJ competition. He produced a relentless stream of tracks with"Redkone", a project he started in 2003, and releases on a variety of international record labels. DJ Dextro played in clubs allover the world and produced a few outstanding club hits like "Akordeon,Acordeon de la vida,Loud Tonight and more" under the nameof Bodytalk. 2010 Dj Dextro join Tanira Recordings.NERVOUS - STEREO - GROOVE ON - POTOBOLO - MAGNA - FOOT LOOVERS - FREAKCULT URE -BEAT FREAK - T KC - TANIRA - SOUT HSIDE - MUZIKEXPRESS - DIRTY PLAYERS - KITSAM - TWEEKD - FATAL MUSIC - SESSION T RAX and many more...DEXTRO SINCE 1991