Key Commands
 - Lucas Aguilera


Parent musician. His early playing records in the mid- torn `90 years. As a child and since he is aware, was always linked to themusic. Playing with some old vinyl and a few cassettes. Influenced by dj `s of experience in his hometown, Lucas grew up and honedtechniques under the Old School. As a teenager playing with her friends playing records in some garage or basement after school, what is most polishedfurther define your lifestyle. At just 13 years, Lucas began playing in the booths in his hometown to see soundtrack to your local radio programs. Inspired and energetic further progress, leaps styles into their sound with techno and tech-house and integrates the late 90's his first tracks as a producer then integrated into their sets, sounds very ANALOGIKKO a MC 303, 670 and a Casio efficient software at that time. Originally from Cordoba Interior Capital and attracted to the big city to meet his musical curiosity, he settled in that city in mid- 2000 to continue to stimulate their sense of music and lifestyle. In 2007 Lucas jumped outstanding and important as it starts up edit their productions under his own independent label, Analogikko Records plasma where his pitches. Where Eps and Warning (2008) and All Ep (2010) were a major shock to receive support from dj / producers international and Someone Else, Alexi Delano, Mathias and Omar Skade Salgado. Also to highlight Latin America EP (2010) that after his first Launch day income as high on Beatport Minimal and Techouse and integrated into the charts and get a great artists such as Ricardo Support Villalobos, Alexi Delano, Someone Else, Nick Curly, Michel Lauriola, blackmamba,Dubdummies among others. Thanks to the experience in his short career comeback, Lucas toured many The underground icons Clubs in Argentina and Brazil. Without ignoring the countless presentations Radioshow for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Spain, Germany, Holland, Bosnia, Italy and Russia. At present we can Hear God in his Radioshow "Live Analogikko Session "for Top Radio (Cordoba-AR) and Pulse Radio (Pinamar-Ar). Lucas reserves this time a little just to make presentations DJing live format and spend from head to toe in the administration of Analogikko Records and Digital Recordings sublabel 320K Today we can find their lanzaminetos and charts on labels like: Analogikko, 320K, Click Muziq Recordings, HSM Machine Records Drum Recordings and soon to launch their new EPs on other labels.