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Obando born in Medellin Colombia in 1991. Since a veryearly age Obando show his passion for electronic music,whit his short career he is capturing the attention of majorlabels.Constantly developing new sounds with house and technoinfluences, keeping the balance between fine music anddancefloor grooves, Obando overcomes upon the other Dj’sfrom Colombia.His beginnings are strongly linked to his father experience“Dj Watchout” who was one of the precursors of the DJmovement in the city. He was raised with great love andpassion for the electronic music, following his father stepshe decided to become a DJ. Starting with Dance, House andDeep House Sounds.To feed his natural curiosity he began to experiment withdifferent software’s and synths, at the beginning the resultswere just poor and basic rhythms but with the time theygained quality due to the implementation of his rootinfluences. Time after he joined forces with his friend“Figueroa”, both highlighted producers from the city, theymade an awesome team that’s making a big buzz thesedays. Following this experience they decide to set up theirown Label, together they run Malicious Smile Records, andtheir upcoming project “Viral Cutz”.Now Days Obando still growing in his Production and DJcareer, transforming each time more his fabulous sound intoone more mature.