Key Commands
 - Jairo Delli


Beyond descriptions cold or pretentious speeches, Jairo Delli work in musical microcosm is in the realm of the purely emotional, as an extension inherent strong personality that unfolds in front of a turntable and a mixer. From itsprivileged position at the head of Six Sound Records, may extend outside the walls of a musical concept Canary Islands that-thanks to the work of producers like Jairo- begins to focus the eyes of Dj of all points of the globe in a constant search for trends that cool the global electronics cene.Because we have a sincere proposal, and yet so effective as risky. We just need to enter their space on the portal Beatport to check their beats off a camouflaged irrepressible energy bass lines that drag us to destruction, and a relentless drum tracks hopelessly hypnotic, almost touching the exoticism that suggests the origin itself subtropical author. Not surprisingly, Tenerife boasts that charisma untransferable island with its producers smear each of their releases. For Jairo Delli, this story purely Atlantic anchored the sound comes from the turn of the decade of the 90's, but that trip would hesitantly initiation and becoming a solid proposal in 2010, obtaining a valuable place in the top ten of over one hundred participants Arenal Sound Festival of Castellón. That would mark a turning point path, a posteriori, Jairo Delli stroke would draw with firm conviction that drives him to create his own label-Six-Sound Records, today, a musical reference inside and outside the archipelago.From that point, his desk continues to accumulate commissions recognized as producers Argomedo Fabian, Mario Calegari or River Caesar himself, who has composed for a remix, with Adrian Izquierdo-track of Gemini. Its almost unlimited resources and its chameleon-like ability to adapt to all the trends in music-including tech house, deep, and even nods to garage-have become an object of desire for other labels as Hotfingers Records 303 Natural Living Loverds Southpark Six Sound Records, Ritmical, Get Funky, Kubu Music, 3Star Muzik, Delicious or Punta del Este Records. Jairo Delli has sought and found their own musical discourse and its long list of productions is the reflection of an identity that has matured over years of booth and recording studio.The result is just the beginning.