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 - Figueroa


Figueroa is probably the main name on the undergroundTechno and House scene of Colombia.Born and raised in this beautiful country and now based inLondon he's the head of "Malicious Smile" records and"Viral Cutz" along with his partner Obando.In the last years he has created a distinct sound that blendsthe energy of Techno so perfectly with all the colors ofHouse music. His amazing 3 decks DJ set has led him toplay in the best clubs from Colombia and featured in somefestivals overseas and his productions have always hadgreat support from names like: Dubfire, Richie Hawtin andMarco Carola.T he very first approach to electronic music was throughsome 90's dance tapes he used to listen while studying, thiswas the spark for his idea to create mind stories and makethe people dance at the same time. Around 1999 he turnedinto rock music and learned to play the guitar, he spentabout two years playing with his band and recording demos,by that time the electronic scene was growing in his countryand he find himself again caught between the beats.After becoming a regular raver he achieved a vast collectionof records and influences and decided to definitely turnmusic into his lifestyle, so he learnt to play the turntablesand started making his own beats, soon he became afavorite and started playing at mayor events as a warmer forthe international artists but the audience pushed him to themain stage.Actually his sound flows between the best of the Chicagoessence and the dark and strong groove of modern techno,leaving no space for complaints.