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 - Claytonsane


Born in late 1983 claytonsane learned the ropes early! by the age of 14 he would be flippin' LPs at the then Genetix Dj'ing school in the name of mastering the art. The passion and drive not to mention his commitment are his stand outs. Breaking his duck in bars and clubs across the island he landed his first ever residency at the famed peppermint club at just 17. Armed with musical knowledge and exposure, he opened a records outlet and a Djing school, tutoring DJing with any kind of medium, such as turntables, to Cdjs then and currently to Ableton Live & Traktor. Whilst running the DJing school, Claytonsane was also being recognized for his promoting skills, thus featuring one of Malta’s most famous Underground events held quarterly under the brand SANE CLUBBING. Sane Clubbing was built with a solid aim in mind, focusing to deliver a culture of Underground Dance Music throughout the Maltese Islands. Being one of Malta’s most respected DJ and Promoter, Claytonsane have given local enthusiastic with the sought after nights, such as the.electrik steam & white label. Claytonsane has become the local’s choice for Underground Music DJ and his presence could be seen in all main international branded events featuring thousands of clubbers, such as Ministry Of Sound, playing alongside all time hitters Sasha, Underworld, Prodigy, Bookashade, James Zabiela, Sander Kleineberg, Varoslav, Guy Gerber and others. The next step for Claytonsane was producing / remixing, and in 2010, he has seen his first track being released on Mycore Records. His quality and outstanding passion for production could be noticed instantly and in just a short time, he has been in demand to remix tracks for established artist around the globe. His creativity & Techy sounds will distinguish this artist, to make him a promising Producer and Remixer.


Inkfish, Fiord, The Sheperd, Phunk Investigation, Levente, Orelse, Luke Chable, Shiloh, Sebastien Bruce, DIRTYHERTZ, Jose Vizcaino, Nick York, Anton Stellz, Aeonism, Ridgewalkers, JonQPublik, Paul Sparkes, Dave Brickwood, Beat Syndrome, Korel, Brisboys, Richie Blacker, Matt Purkis, The Starfuckerz feat Chelle, Humanate, Digitec, Nic Fuller, Summer (Brendon Collins), Fusion F & Come T, Cybernalia, Ben Coda, Matan Caspi, Ivan Slash, Kreisel, Tony Anatone, Smart Wave, Liz Cirelli, Alessandro, Chosen Throb, Stephan Bazbaz, MonoMode, Jay FM, Roberto Caceres & Dave Cohen, M.O.O.N. Pro, Nubah, Makau & Kagl, Alex M, Monolock, Steve Lorenz, Tirrenia Vibe, Muvy, Anchor And Vessel, Dave Goethals, Tim Jirgenson, Doc Brown, Jo Psarados, Morphile, The Revolving Junkie, Scalekeeper, Power System, Cooltour, Smartrunner, Tjak, Wavewhore, ACEtone, George Vougioukas, Moonchine, Maxim Rumyantsev, Julian Marazuela, Adrianos Papadeas, George Mathiellis, Martin Bundsen, D-Sens, Jay Storic, DJ Nightnoise, Asten Wave, Re-Bound, Arnauld Stengel, Ryan Sullivan, Full Funktion, Pablo Fe, Alfredo Mena, Killo Schneider, jBam, Greed feat Lesley, Peter Wagner, 3tietas, Franbeats, Ancelada, Claudio Bonaldi, Manni, Seedy Jazz & Eeemus, Beat Factory, Espen, Big Al, Gunther, Audio Lab, Elias Merheb (Stamina), Andre Volodin, Jaap Ligthart, Monolab, Claytonsane, Poul Luis, Sapiens, Kay, F3, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, David Giraldo, Rafael Osmo, Hezi Rachmani, Deng & Slavak, Kryss Hypnowave, Guido Monobass, Fonz Verzele, Dirty Rhythm Syndicate, Indepth, Luke Chable, Max Mason, Ben Coda, K-Pax, Jerome Robins, Aeonism, Steve Sessions, Lacandon & Venes
Baroque Digital | 2012-12-17